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Midtown hosts Court Festival

Midtown Sports & Wellness, New Mexico’s starship club for the court sports, hosted a multi-tier festival as part of the 30th New Mexico Games. This annual event plays out to over 25 sporting disciplines. New Mexico Racquetball engaged in four days of competition, high energy, and friendships with Racquetball, Squash, Handball, and Paddleball. Much to the joy of Games Executive Director, Fred Hultberg, New Mexico Racquetball continues to maintain the tradition and support each June. Over 80 individuals registered, with some entertaining three disciplines to test their lifestyle.

Perhaps next year we will add a fifth event. Racketball, which is a mix of racquetball and squash, is played on the squash court, and has popularity in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. World Senior Racquetball will include it as part of the 34th event this August. Many thanks to Midtown’s administration for their hospitality and vision. Also to Whitener Law for being the Presenting Sponsor. Results follow:

HANDBALL Advanced: Leroy Lopez & Andrew Martinez def Dave Coulie & Carl White 21-16, 21-15

Intermed: Brian Stinar & Don Stinar def Tim Luten & Dale Pino 21-13, 21-3

PADDLEBALL Open: Ramon Gomez & Dominic Maestas def Robert Anaya & Riley Sievers 15-6, 15-3

Elite: Pam Garcia & Raaj Mohan def Djoko Boentaran & Donovan Duran 0-15, 15-10, 11-7

SQUASH 3.0 Micah McCoy def Andrew Martinez 3-0 3rd (tie) Marisa Hamilton & Anthony Garcia

4.0/4.5 Donovan Duran def Julian Duran 3-1 3rd (tie) Tom Allison & Derek Bohannan

5.0 Essam Alkhateeb def Zeb Chaudry 3-0 3rd (tie) David Solomon & Chris Fontes

RACQUETBALL Mens Open Ken Cheshire def Kyle Lucas 15-2, 15-8

3rd Dominic Maestas

4th Djoko Boentaran

5th (tie) Donovan Duran, Marcos Jimenez, Dan Cannady

8th Bill Beggs

Mens Elite Bill Beggs def Marcos Jimenez 15-12, 3-15, 11-8 3rd Donovan Duran

4th Dan Cannady

Mens A Gary Flores def Nick Lucas 15-7, 8-15, 11-4

3rd Anthony Garcia

4th Mike Ytuarte

5th Adrian Leyva

Mens B Warren Prue def Mike Ytuarte 12-15, 15-2, 11-8

3rd Tucker Green

4th Cyd Evans

5th David Daniel

Mens C Emily Arzate def Steve Caruso 15-8, 15-12 3rd Dave Wellington

4th Roseann Fitzpatrick

D (combined) Marisa Hamilton def Curtis Johnson 15-5, 15-3

3rd Yvonne Grinnell

4th Colleen Stinar

5th Lynne Tyner

Masters Bill Beggs def Dan Cannady wbd 3rd Tucker Green

4th Mike Morales

5th Doug Perea


Doubles Cyd Evans & Frossene King

Open dbls Andrew Clarke & Ramon Gomez def Djoko Boentaran & Dominic Maestas 15-5, 15-9

3rd Kyle Lucas & Nick Lucas

A doubles